Reverend Johanna Warren 

Phone number is:  03 307 0200               email:

Cell Phone:  022 458 9603

Johanna came here from three years in a parish in the Manawatu.  This is her fourth induction into a parish.  She says every parish is different, and is involved in listening in three interrelated directions:

What is God saying, to me and through these people and this place?

Who are these people, what does their story invite us into at this time?

What is going on in this place, in our wider community and how does Hakatere Parish fit into this?

Ministry is actually very personal so who Johanna is and how her life is developing at any point will always affect what she sees, what she hears and focuses on and how she leads, prays, preaches and worships.  Taking time to reflect on her own, with a supervisor or spiritual director is as important as reflecting with and alongside parish members.

Johanna is in her 60s, single and has lived in many parts of the country.   She was born and brought up in Northland.  She has a sister in Wellington and a sister and extended family in Northland.  Johanna enjoys gentle walking and loves to attend concerts, preferably chamber and orchestral music.  Another great pleasure is reading, usually light fiction.

She hopes that in Ashburton and Hakatere Parish she will, become involved in the wider community in some way and connect with parish members or other interested people in small groups which meet regularly.  These groups might meet to pray, to share where we are at in life over food/coffee, to read scripture or theology together, to watch and dig into movies, or a mix of these and other activities.