As we remain in Covid 19 Level two, there will be no worship services until we reach Covid 19 Level 1.

Due to us currently being in Covid 19 Level 2, and remaining there until at least October, the parish council have agreed to postpone the Annual General Meeting (which was to be held on 10th October) until we resume regular worship services in Covid 19 Level 1.
A new date will be announced when church recommences.
Communion is celebrated in March, June, September and December.
Church Picnic: This is usually held in February at one of the outlying parish areas incorporating a Church Service in the local Church, followed by a shared picnic lunch, games, swimming (if pool available) and just enjoying fellowship with each other.
Gospel Services:  An evening Service held once a year.  There is usually a topical theme, and a guest speaker is invited to share their message. There is plenty of music and singing.
Calendar:  Please click on an event below for more information.