Meals on Wheels

Members of St Paul’s willing give their time to help serve in the community especially when it comes to delivering meals on wheels.
Our contact person is Sandra Thomas Phone (03 308 6536), if you feel you would like to help in this way she would be pleased to
hear from you.

Driving for Day Care

St Paul’s also has a group of volunteers who are on a roster to drive folk to and from the Day Care Centre on Fridays. This is another very worthwhile service. Our contact is Keith Dowdle - Phone: (03) 308 3317 if you would like to help.

St. Paul’s Church Fair

Our annual fair is held in September.

Holiday Programme

Children aged between 5 years and 12 years are invited to join with others in the Church Hall 2 – 3 mornings during one week of school holidays for music, singing, games and craft. $2 donation per child and this includes morning tea.